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The Best Way To Clean Floors
01 April 2015
The Best Way To Clean Floors

Carpet/Rug Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a carpet or rug, it can seem like a big job. It is obviously important that they look nice, and especially if you own pets or have small children, it can be so, so easy for your carpets and rugs to get messy, whether that be with spilt drinks, while toilet training your pets or through any other number of accidents. It can be hard to work out the best way to start cleaning your carpets and rugs, but by following these steps, it can mean that your massive cleans do not have to be so big. Domestic cleaning really can be a manageable task.

1.    Prepare The Room - Preparing the room for your carpet cleaning session is important. Make sure that any children and pets are not allowed in the room as you prepare to help prevent any distractions from the task in hand. Move any furniture that you can out of the room and into another area that you are not cleaning at this point as this will help to make the carpet easier to clean as there will be less obstacles. Push any other furniture to the edge of the room to begin with and then work from the centre of the room outwards, moving things as and when is necessary. Obviously this process is done much easier with rugs as you can simply move everything off them while you clean.

2.    Look Into The Best Products - It is important to research the best products for any home clean, especially when it comes to your carpets. You don't want to put anything on them which could be dangerous for the carpet or anything damaging so it is important to ensure that anything you put onto them is 100% safe. This is also vitally important if pets or children will be on the carpets soon after as you obviously would not want to use anything which could harm them in any way.

3.    Treat Stains Straight Away And Vacuum Regularly - Treating stains as soon as they happen will mean that there is likely to be much less damage to your carpet than if you leave the stains for longer. There are plenty of stain treatments available to easily and quickly lift stains which are completely safe for children and animals and will make the overall cleaning of your carpet so much easier. On top of this, vacuuming regularly will help to pick up the dirt that gets embedded into a carpet throughout everyday life meaning that you may not need to deep clean your carpets as regularly as if you do not treat them in such a way.

Carpet and rug cleaning is one of those jobs which seems daunting but doesn't have to be. With the right guidance and advice, your rugs and carpets can be cleaned easily and can be back looking like they did when you first got them. There is no muck, stains or dirt that family life can create that you can’t get out with a bit of elbow grease and the right products, and while it might not be easy, the feeling you'll get when you see your carpets looking brand new will make it all the cleaning worth it, and it’ll be like having a new home all over again.

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