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How To Deep Clean Your Carpets And Rugs
22 August 2014
How To Deep Clean Your Carpets And RugsBoth the carpets and the rugs in your home see a lot of traffic, and if yours are starting to show dirt, stains or if they’re developing unwanted odours or just becoming a little less than new-looking then here are some tips to help you restore them to their former glory! 1)    Lifting dirt from your carpets and rugs.Before you begin your carpet deep clean you should take the time to brush all of the carpets and rugs in your home with a stiff brush or broom. This is a great way to dislodge deep-set dirt and grime, bringing it to the surface of the carpets so that it can be easily vacuumed. This will only take you a few moments, and the results that you can see can be quite dramatic! Just make sure that you’re using a clean brush – it might be worth buying a brush and adding it to your cleaning cupboard just for your carpets and rugs! 2)    Vacuuming.Once you’ve prepared your carpets and rugs you can vacuum them. You should vacuum your floors regularly to prevent dirt and grime from getting stuck into the deepest fibres of your carpets. If you aren’t seeing the results that you want from your vacuum cleaner then it might be time to buy a new one, but if that’s a little beyond your budget then don’t panic! Try clearing your vacuum bag a little more frequently, and try purchasing different nozzles and attachments so that you can get the thorough clean that you deserve from your vacuum cleaner! Check in your instruction manual or online to find out what attachments are available for your specific model – not all attachments will fit all makes of vacuum, so be careful before ordering any as you want to make sure that they’ll definitely fit with yours! 3)    Carpet cleaning equipment.Home carpet cleaners make a great addition to your cleaning cupboard, and though some can be expensive, there are plenty of good cheaper models available on the market as well. Have a look at online retailers as well as in-store to find one at the right price for you, but always pay attention to customer reviews and comments so that you can find a good option for your needs! Once you’ve vacuumed your carpet spend some time giving it a thorough clean with your carpet cleaner. You can always hire carpet cleaners from your local cleaning companies, larger supermarkets and online, so shop around to find the best deals! Your carpets will thank you for it! 4)    Carpet and rug stain removers and removal tips.You should always keep a stains removal solution that’s suitable for your floors in your cleaning cupboard. If you’ve never used one before then follow the instructions carefully, and test any stain removal solutions on an inconspicuous area of carpet before using them, in case they cause a bit of damage! The best tip for successful stain removal is to act as quickly as possible – when a spill happen be there with a clean cloth and a bowl of lukewarm water to dab and blot as much of it away as possible. Repeat this until you get the best result and then use your stain removing product. This should get rid of any stains without much hassle!

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