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How Clean Is Your Home? Air Freshness Is Essential!
13 February 2014
How Clean Is Your Home? Air Freshness Is Essential!

With the different types of cleaning that can be used in the home, there is one that seems to be ignored, as it is not all that often considered an actual thing. The cleanliness of the air in your home is a strange thing to consider, as there is obviously very little way of telling how clean something is if you cannot see it! However, the air in our homes can be a massively significant part of how clean the house feels, as smells, dust and all sorts of airborne allergens can make a place feel unpleasant, even if you can’t quite put a finger on what it is... As far as air purity goes, the science involved is difficult to understand, but basically fresh air is important. Of course, not everyone can have their windows open at all times, least of all those people living in the United Kingdom, so how do you make sure that your home feels fresh and breezy, without shivering to death?

For a start, you can open your windows once a day. After you use the bathroom in the morning, it is well worth leaving the window open, to allow the moisture in the air to dissipate. The result of heavy moisture in the bathroom will often aid the build up of soap scum, limescale and or course grout. Warm and wet atmospheres will encourage bacteria to flourish, which will mean that your bathroom smells damp, and can be really difficult to get clean. Whilst other rooms in the house do not get as damp of course, the same feeling stands, a blast of fresh air from five minutes of an open window will do a lot for the feeling in the room, especially if there are already bad smells. It is best to do this five minutes before you leave the house, as otherwise the cold getting in could make the place unpleasant to be in. Otherwise, pick your moments carefully, and only open windows in rooms that you won’t be in for a while!

Cleaning the floors, surfaces and furniture regularly will obviously add to the feeling of clean throughout the house, whilst removing dust and a certain degree of the smells that come from things being dirty. The kitchen is a prime example of this. Spilt milk in the fridge will give you a cheesy smell after a while, and if that spreads about the house, then there will be difficulty in getting rid of it any time soon! Mopping up spillages as soon as they happen, and ensuring that you clean your fridge, microwave and oven fairly often will help a great deal.

As far as actually purifying the air goes, there are air filters that you can buy, but they can be expensive and a little noisy sometimes. A much more pleasant option is having flowers about the house. Flowers will give the room a nice scent, and their photosynthetic processes will naturally filter the air, turning carbon dioxide in to oxygen. They also look rather nice! If you have lingering smells, then don’t try to mask them with artificial ones, leave a bowl of baking soda or vinegar in the room overnight, as these substances will absorb many odors. If you do not like the smell of vinegar, and are worried that it may give it’s odor to the room, then try adding essential oils or lemon to the mixture, as this will lessen the vinegar’s strong smell.

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