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How Can I Increase The Life Of My New Sofas And Carpets?
21 March 2014
How Can I Increase The Life Of My New Sofas And Carpets?Everybody loves the look and feel of brand new sofas and carpets in our homes but how can we maintain that fresh look and feel for longer? There are many things that people can do to help increase the longevity of the life of new carpets and sofas however maintaining a brand new look and feel may require a little more effort because overtime things do get a little grubby and worn, no matter how hard you try to look after things. Here are some things that you could try at home Cover and protect!If you have just had a new sofa a great way of protecting that sofa is to cover it up with a throw-over because with a throw you can wash it as many times as you wish. Simply wash the throw as it gets grubby whilst protecting the sofa which is underneath. Not everybody will want to cover a sofa up though, especially if it is a new one which matches a freshly decorated room. If this is the case you may be better off opting for a wipe able fabric like leather, rather than a fabric one. It may be a good idea to buy a sofa which suits your family, if you have pets and small children, fabric sofas may be affected by pet hair and sticky fingers so it’s worth considering this beforehand. With carpets you can use rugs to protect them, try to place rugs or carpet protectors over high traffic areas such as near the doorways and walkthrough areas. Some people will place a large rug in the centre of the living room (as a focal point or room feature) this is also a great way of saving the carpet too. A new lease of life!No matter how hard you try to care for you possessions, things will always require a little TLC eventually. When you feel that your sofa or carpet has seen better days and could do with replacement, why not consider hiring professional upholstery cleaning services first? You may be pleasantly surprised, cleaning agencies can work wonders on old and grubby carpets so much so, many people have noted them to look new again, and this is certainly going to be considerably cheaper than having to buy new. So how does it work?Specialised carpet and upholstery cleaners use advanced equipment, usually a steam cleaning system which thoroughly cleans fabrics right to the core, on most occasions they manage to remove even the most stubborn stains, that may be present, and they do a remarkable job of reviving the natural shades and colours of the fabric too. Expert cleaners are trained and experienced at dealing with many different types of fabrics. Unlike normal household cleaning solutions steam cleaning is generally more effective and it only uses steam and intense heat to clean, what is great is that steam cleaning leave very little residue, meaning that the fabric cleaned will also dry out, much more quickly. Having carpets and sofas cleaned by professional technicians from a cleaning company, regularly or at least once per year, is a great way of prolonging the life of that particular item, because it removes all dust, grounded stains and any other substance which may have gathered over time, and helps to keep it looking fresh and new. If things are not maintained the care ends up being neglected because people seem to give up on them until they can afford to replace them, but what many people do not realise is that you may not have to replace things as often if you cared for what you already have a little more, and hiring professional help is an helping hand to do that.

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