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Hints and Tips for Effective Domestic Cleaning
02 December 2013
Hints and Tips for Effective Domestic Cleaning

If you are feeling like your cleaning could do with stepping up a gear, then you may simply need to be thinking about it differently. There are plenty of problems that people have with cleaning, and they tend to revolve around a couple of different factors. The main issues that people have with cleaning are to do with the time it takes, and the annoyance that it involves. In most cases, cleaning is not ‘difficult’ which is why the word ‘annoyance’ is used previously. The ways in which to reduce the aspects of time and frustration that the cleaning instills in everyone tends to be down to reducing the amount of dirt cleaned in each sitting, as well as ensuring that your tools are up to the job. If you can combine these two factors, and get rid of the stress associated with them, then you are well on your way to making your cleaning less of a hindrance in your daily life. If you work from home, then there is plenty of time in which to divide up the cleaning and make it less of a pain in the neck, but if you work away from your house, like most people do, then you will need to think carefully about the following tips and tricks in order to make them work for you.

To start with, clean more regularly! Most people leave cleaning for a large chunk at the weekend, which is stressful, boring and gets in the way of having fun at the weekend, which you deserve if you have worked hard all week! If you can pull the amount of cleaning that you need to do on the weekend down to nearly nothing, then the cleaning will have been sorted by the time the weekend comes around and you can go and do something more interesting with your two days off, so it seems worth it no? The secret is locating those moments when you are not doing a lot, before and after work. If you tend to spend a moment reading the newspapers in the morning, then why not get a podcast of the daily events and listen to them whilst mopping the kitchen? If you want to watch TV, the dust the living room whilst you are doing it. The same goes for when you get home. Instead of blankly checking the social network or watching TV, get some housework done before you make dinner, and relax after that. You will find it is actually pretty easy to divide up the tasks like this, and getting them done once a week will ensure that you are not dealing with huge mounds of dust and dirt, so the jobs will take very little time whatsoever.

If you can, try to distract yourself from the boredom of each task. Putting on a favorite album, radio show or audio book will completely remove you from the situation at hand, and you will find that the time goes by a lot more quickly, when you are not constantly thinking about how bored you are! Who knows, the audio book may make you look forward to mopping the floor! Reducing the irritation that cleaning presents can also be down to ensuring that the tools that you use are of a high quality. You will find that a lightweight cordless vacuum reduces the stress of vacuuming hugely, as most of the irritation form the process comes from maneuvering the thing! The same goes for the rest of your tools, if they work for you, the less you have to work!

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