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Finding The Best Cleaner For You
20 June 2014
Finding The Best Cleaner For YouFinding the best cleaner for you. Even the title itself is interesting. How do you possibly rate one cleaner over another when all you’re talking about is your bathroom being cleaned? Well, it can be demonstrated. First of all, consider what you want from a cleaner. Are you on top of your daily cleaning and simply want someone to come round and add the finishing touches? Is it just the silverware that you don’t have time for? Or are you looking for someone who can completely clean your house top to bottom three times a week for you? Read the following points to get an idea of how to start.1.    It’s crucial when you decide to hire someone to help that you understand exactly what it is that you’re asking of them; you must analyse your needs and ensure that you hire someone who can deal with them. The first step is to consider the size of your home. If you have a one bedroom flat then you won’t be particularly bothered about the physical health of your cleaner. If however you have a house with four floors, you are going to need someone reasonably young and agile who will be able to haul equipment like vacuum cleaners up and down stairs. Whilst you cannot ask them directly about their mobility, simply use your common sense.2.    Take into account what you are going to ask of your cleaner and make sure that you mention it at the interview stage. For instance, if you are going to require them to deal with pets or livestock then you need to make sure that they are comfortable with this. There’s no point not checking, going ahead and hiring someone only for them to quit a week later.3.    If you have children, you must be extra careful with whom you invite into your home. Purely as a safety mechanism it will be statistically safer for you to choose a female to do your tasks. But whatever you elect, make sure that you take the time to really get an idea of their personality and character traits. Once you have chosen your cleaner, it’s a good idea for him/her to meet your children so that they all have an idea about each other.4.    Request and read references thoroughly. It’s perfectly possible that a person could look outstanding on paper, only for their references to be fictitious. The chances are that they won’t be, but it still worth contacting 2-3 previous employers to see how this person behaved in their home - and how good they were at their job.5.    Decide prior to the interview how you plan to safeguard your home and property. Are you going to allow the successful candidate full and complete access to every part of the house and decide to trust them? Or are you going to stagger your trust by judging on a week by week basis how they seem?6.    It’s worth checking with the candidates how quickly they work and in what format. It’s not unusual for cleaners to arrive, have a coffee and a chat and then start work. If you would prefer limited contact with your cleaner then assess how chatty or otherwise they seem at the interview.7.    And lastly, it seems an obvious point, but you need to consider the cost of their services. Prices vary for cleaners depending upon their experience, expertise and services that they offer. If you only require a basic dust and vacuum round once a week then it’s not worth paying over the odds for someone who does an in-depth deep clean twice a week. Have a chat, lay out your requirements and see if the person fits the mold. It’s the only way to do it.

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