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End Of Tenancy Cleaning Advice
21 November 2014
End Of Tenancy Cleaning AdvicePreparing to move out of your rented accommodation can be a draining and time consuming task. Trying to juggle packing around work and other aspects of your life can leave you feeling like you’re trying fight a losing battle and factor in the cleaning that you have to take of and you may find yourself being unable to cope. However losing out on getting your deposit back just because of some mess and dirt is really something that you’d want to avoid. So tackle all of your cleaning jobs head on and get the work finished quickly and efficiently with our hints and tips that are guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier. You could hire a team of cleaners, but use our advice and save yourself some time, money and a whole lot of undue hassle. •    Be thorough and systematic in your approach to cleaning. Now many people don’t like to keep lists, but writing down all of the tasks that you have to complete will make the process seem very real, will make sure that you know exactly what you have do without forgetting anything and ensure that you give each cleaning job time and a sufficient amount of effort to get completed to the highest standard. Leave yourself plenty of time to work your way through the list from room to room, taking care of every little thing and leaving everything spotless. As you go along, don’t forget to keep crossing off those tasks that you have already completed. It may be worth liaising with your landlord during this time, so that you know exactly what he/she will be expecting when you finally hand over the keys. •    Begin by cleaning any windows, both on the inside and outside to give them a perfect finish. There’s no need to go out and buy any fancy cleaning products; simply use some warm soapy water to clean the windows and then rinse the suds off with some clean water. As you go along, remember to keep checking for any cracks and breakages, so that you can arrange to have them repaired as soon as possible so that they don’t come to light during the final inventory check. If they do, you will most probably be left with a large bill, because landlords are less likely to spend their time looking around for the best deals and offers. •    Start off cleaning high to low; clean, dust and remove rubbish from any high and hard to reach areas first, such as on top of cupboards etc.  For dusting, use a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water which will trap all the dust. If some of the dust falls down, just sort this out when you vacuum or steam clean your floors later on. For those areas that you can’t reach by hand, such as ceiling lights, get yourself an extendable duster that will come in handy for a range of cleaning jobs during the process. •    If you’re completing your domestic cleaning jobs yourself, be sure to leave yourself enough time to get the work completed before the date of the final inspection. If you need to buy any equipment, don’t leave this until the last minute and instead do this well in advance to make sure you are equipped with the right products. If you have found that you’ve left it too late, get in touch with your local cleaning company and explain your situation to them, and they’ll be able to send one or more professional cleaners to take care of all of your cleaning jobs.

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