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Cleaning the Student House
16 October 2013
Cleaning the Student House

Living life as a student comes with many peaks and troughs. For a start, you will be meeting loads of new people and having a great time, partying and hanging out with the best of them, which is great. The troughs come with the lack of cash, all of the work and the likely presence of the hangover in your life on a regular basis. The fact is that all of these positive and negative aspects of student life work against the notion of keeping the house clean, but they would all be improved by such a thing. having a clean house is the kind of thing that can change you life surprisingly easily, as people much prefer hanging out in a pleasant place, and it will give you a clearer head for working in, as dirtiness can make the brain distracted. The amount of potentially harmful substances in dirt and dust can result in health problems, and the body naturally reacts better to a clean environment for this reason, so even if you have not necessarily noticed it yet, your head will be much clearer in a clean and tidy workplace. Whether your hangover will allow for that to make a difference is unclear however.

The main issue that arises with cleaning a student house is that you may not know the people that you live with that well. In a way, a family will have no qualms with shouting at each other, but the result will usually be that everyone does what they are told. As young adults, the notion of cleaning may be mentioned, but it will rarely be carried out with equal vigor by everyone in the house. This is not a problem for each person’s room, as each to their own, but with communal spaces there can be a serious risk that you end up with a situation where one person does all of the cleaning whilst the others reap the benefits having not lifted a finger. The usual tactic in this case is for the tidier people to leave the cleaning until the messier ones realize that their home is disgusting and do something about it, but it is rare that this will happen before those with a cleaner prerogative break, and have to sort the place out.

This means that something needs to be done. The silent and passive aggressive attacks on the house will not solve anything, and will result in unspoken divides in the house, as not everyone will understand quite what is going on all of the time. You need to speak to one another about the cleaning processes, and develop roles for each person. Simple things like ‘Mike cleans the bathroom every other wednesday’ or ‘Janet mops the kitchen and living room on friday mornings’ can result in a lot more harmony amongst flatmates. These roles must be fair, and there needs to be an agreement that the tenants must speak up if they think things are unbalanced. You do not want to get to a stage where people are allowing the bathroom to get messy because they know that Mike is going to clean it on wednesday, as this will lead to an unfair amount of work for Mike.

Keeping a place nice is all about team work, and only by speaking about it all can you ensure that your place is kept in the lovely state that it should be. You will realize the benefits that cleaning holds when you all get down to it and make the place amazing.

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